Intellectual Property

A Case Study on IPR Protection in China

Protecting intellectual property in the medical devices industry in China

Protecting Your IP

How European companies can protect their IP while transferring technology to China

IPR4F&B: Intellectual property protection in China’s food and beverage industry

China’s vast F&B market is hugely attractive to foreign exporters. However, before they consider dipping their toes in the water they must ensure their IP is fully protected.

Drug innovation through better enforcement

      IP Protection in the Pharmaceutical Industry

A case in point: real-life IPR infringement cases

While China’s IPR regime has improved over the years, counterfeiting and other IP infringements are still commonplace, making IP protection a priority when doing business in or with China.

The pitfalls of employee-created IP

Preventing unnecessary losses from R&D activities in China

Manufacturing Non-disclosure Agreements in China

In this article, the China IPR SME Helpdesk return to the topic of protecting IP when seeking Chinese manufacturers as partners.

Manufacturing an IP strategy

IPR Protection for the Mechanical Engineering Sector

Counterfeiting wine in the Middle Kingdom

The appetite that China’s middle class consumers have for western foodstuffs is continuing to grow and this includes wine, particularly from Europe.