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A question of faith: Trademark protection in China

When China joined the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and revised its Trademark Law in 2001

Celebrating 10 years of the EU-China IP Dialogue Mechanism

The last 10 years have seen significant developments in the legal framework related to intellectual property (IP) in China.

Put yourself on the map

Protection of Geographical Indications in China

Eliminating Unfair Competition: Guidelines on IP-related Anti-Monopoly Issues

This article lay out the legal framework governing some commonly encountered IP-related competition issues


While some IPR issues are common to all types of European companies doing business in China

Exhibit A: How to protect your IPR during exhibitions

For many foreign companies looking to enter the Chinese market, attending exhibitions and trade shows here is often their first step.

Put up your dukes: European Companies as Defendants in IP Cases

There has been a recent rise in the number of IP infringement cases filed by domestic plaintiffs against foreign defendants.

A Slow Death? China’s Draft Foreign NGO Management Law

If promulgated in its current state, the second draft of the Foreign NGO Management Law, published on 5th May, 2015, could completely alter the way foreign NGOs operate in China.

Win, lose or draw? Partnering with Chinese universities

In order to successfully develop a globally-recognised brand, educational institutions often find the quickest route is to find an overseas partner.