Environmental Regulation: Threat or Opportunity?

How environmental regulations affect foreign companies in China

President’s Foreword: EU-China Summitry, Sustainability and Such

I have now had the pleasure of serving as President of the Chamber for just over two months. During this time, I have met with many members and going forward I hope to learn more about the opportunities and challenges you face in the Chinese…

The Four Horsemen of the Airpocalypse

What the harbingers are of Beijing’s end of ‘clear’ days

Choosing the Right Robots

How to utilise the CRS system to achieve success in China

Opportunities and Access in Green Tech

Advice for European SMEs in China’s energy, water and environment tech sectors

Protecting Your IP

How European companies can protect their IP while transferring technology to China

Helping Business Leaders to Think Big

Company limitations that prevent them from taking an active role in global governance