Come Together: areas for future EU-China cooperation through smart manufacturing

On 19th May, 2015, China’s State Council unveiled their China Manufacturing 2025 strategy, also known as Made in China 2025 or the ‘fourth Industrial Revolution’.

China’s Multispeed Economy: opportunities and challenges in industrial products and services

Business leaders across China’s industrial landscape just waved goodbye to a challenging and, for many, probably a worse-than-expected 2015.

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How Made in China 2025 may require a back-to-basics approach

Made in China 2025: what does it mean for EU SMEs?

In the second quarter of 2015, China’s State Council unveiled the country’s 10-year national plan, Made in China 2025.

A chemical solution

How the chemical industry can play a sustainable role in China’s economy

Lean and green manufacturing

Ways to save money while being environmentally responsible

Made in China, for the world

Interview with Dr Pan Huaiyu, General Manager, Siemens Shenzhen Magnetic Resonance Ltd

A Healthy Challenge: Obstacles faced by manufacturing WFOEs in China’s medical devices industry

China presents a challenging environment for foreign manufacturing companies.