Government Affairs

4i’s on B20 China

Business priorities of the G20 as China assumes presidency for the first time

Tianjin Chapter Takes up its Position

The Tianjin Position Paper 2015/2016 is launched.

Celebrating 10 years of the EU-China IP Dialogue Mechanism

The last 10 years have seen significant developments in the legal framework related to intellectual property (IP) in China.

The Audacity to Change

  The European Business in China Position Paper 2015/2016 is launched

Celebrations in the South

40 Years of EU-China Diplomatic Relations By Anna Rudawska As part of the celebrations of the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the EU and China, the Delegation of the European Union to China and the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China,…

The right fit: EU-China institutional relations

The European Union’s (EU’s) High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy and Vice President of the Commission Federica Mogherini was recently in China for an official two-day visit.

Preparing to embrace the ‘new normal’: European Business in China Business Confidence Survey 2015

The purpose of the European Chamber’s European Business in China Business Confidence Survey is to take an annual snapshot of European companies’ successes and challenges in China.

Adding to the master plan: The Beijing Position Paper 2015/2016

On 9th April, the European Chamber launched the Beijing Position Paper as a standalone publication for the first time: previously, local chapter papers had nestled in the back pages of the Chamber’s main Position Paper. It was decided that more prominence should be given to…

Cyber security

Are China’s policies making the nation more secure, or isolating it from the rest of the world?

Onwards and upwards

The European Chamber has developed our 2014–2017 Strategy Review, which promises improvements to our member services in a number of areas.