2021 China Carbon Pricing Survey

Majority expect national carbon market to include all key emitting sectors by 2025

China in the World Trade Organization: 20 years on

Interview with Adam Dunnett, secretary general, European Union Chamber of Commerce in China[1]

Blurred Vision

How China and the WTO agreed to disagree over trade rules

Cause for Dispute

China’s reliance on SOEs continues despite reform commitments

State of Transition

China’s 14th Five-year Plan’s potential near term, environmental and social effects

China’s Economic Slowdown

Emerging opportunities for UK companies facing Brexit

When Slowdown Meets Tariffs

European companies in China are increasingly feeling the pinch of two converging forces: the Chinese economic slowdown and the US-China trade war.

Living it Large

A post-90s child’s perspective on China’s rising ‘singles economy’