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A proposal for monitoring the safety of vulnerable empty nesters

Caught Red-handed

How to secure effective evidence at trade fairs

Changing Times

The European Chamber held elections for our Executive Committee and local chapter boards from 28th March to 6th June 2019.

The Case OF Huawei V Samsung

A new benchmark for standard essential patent litigation in China

Outward FDI From China

A New Direction for a New China

A Catalyst for Innovation in China and the World

The future of EU companies in the Chinese fintech environment

Building a robust compliance programme in China’s pharma industry

In China, most multinational companies (MNCs) in the pharmaceutical industry have established compliance departments, with dedicated full-time compliance professionals.

Goodbye to all that—60 minutes with former Chamber President Jörg Wuttke

Jörg Wuttke has just stepped down as President of the European Chamber, after serving a second, prolific three-year term.

The European Chamber’s 3rd CSR Awards

On 25th November, 2016, the European Chamber Nanjing Chapter hosted its 3rd CSR Awards, gathering prominent leaders and CSR practitioners from all over China.