Consumer Goods

Regulating Beauty

Exporting cruelty-free cosmetics to China is possible but challenging

Chinese Luxury Brand Consumers

A generational, gender and city-tier analysis 

Secondhand, First Choice

What’s driving the boom in sales in China’s used car market?


The Fight Against Microplastics In Cosmetics

Industry leaders create environmentally friendly alternatives

fashion show

Forever Fashion

An interview on sustainable fashion with international luxury group Kering

What Slowdown?

Despite all the doom and gloom about the future of China’s economy, most international firms involved in the market remain committed to their investment. Market experts from Fiducia Management Consultants explain why China’s allure isn’t disappearing, and go on to introduce the top digital ecommerce platforms…

Foreign SMEs’ next big shot: China’s consumer goods market

Although China is gradually shifting to a consumer-driven economy, opportunities for domestic consumer goods companies are actually becoming scarcer.