Energy Transition Challenges

Exploring facts and outlook of the power shortages in South China

Joint Energies

European and Chinese parties collaborate on sustainability

green energy

The Role of Energy within BRI

Business and Geopolitical Perspectives

EC-Link Opportunities

Networking opportunities EC-Link provides China-European stakeholders

Pollution Solutions in the Chinese Heating Sector

Reducing pollution and increasing efficiency with European wet combustion gas boilers

Electric arguments: disruptive electrification of Chinese urban mobility

The direct and indirect costs of air pollution in China are significant and growing with increased urbanisation and production.

China’s black bubble: overcapacity in the coal power industry

Beijing’s first ever pollution ‘red alert’ on 8th and 9th December, 2015, led many people, both in China and abroad, to assume that the air quality in China is deteriorating further.

China’s green energy market

Business opportunities for EU SMEs