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Double-edged Sword

The implications of China’s dual circulation strategy for international trade

IPR in the Provinces

Shandong’s tech-driven growth and intellectual property protection

A New Step in Innovation

Filling the gaps in an ever-changing labour market

Building a better tomorrow

Social and environmental compliance in the manufacturing industry

No playing around: China’s safety compliance for toy manufacturers

 Alongside the rapid growth of China’s e-commerce market, Chinese consumers are becoming more sophisticated and have increasingly higher expectations of product safety

Manufacturing an IP strategy

IPR Protection for the Mechanical Engineering Sector

Overcapacity in China: An Impediment to the Party’s Reform Agenda

On 22nd February, 2016, the European Chamber of Commerce in China released its second major study on overcapacity in China’s industrial economy.

Southwest China SME interview

Name: Arvid Egeland Position: Representative Company: SenseAir Chengdu Gas Sensors Co Ltd Location: Chengdu