United States’ Semiconductor Export Controls on China

Implications for international companies in the Chinese market

Backlight Brightness and Optical Bonding

Their importance for industrial and commercial displays in outdoor environments

Dousing the Flames

How to Respond Well in a Public Relations Crisis

Squatters and Counterfeiters

Research on app trademark infringement trends and risks

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International cargo relay reduces costs and carbon footprint

China’s Biopharma Industry

Market prospects and investment paths Biopharma, short for biopharmaceuticals, are medical products produced using biotechnology (or biotech). Typical biopharma products include pharmaceuticals generated from living organisms, vaccines and gene therapy, among others. China’s biopharma industry has much attention home and abroad, especially after Chinese companies…

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Revised standard allows more cheese types to enter the Chinese market 

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Helping China to build a regulatory system for high-end medical devices