Little Giants

Overview of China’s R&D environment for European SMEs

Mounting Obligations

China’s cybersecurity, data and personal information compliance for EU SMEs

Supply Chain Swindles

Simple steps to minimise risks of being scammed when purchasing from China

European SMEs in China

The current policy environment for small and medium-sized enterprises

Blockchain and SME Financing

New technology offers fresh options for European firms

Stimulus Package

A guide to funding and public incentives available to SMEs in China

Reasons to be Cheerful

Why the slowdown in the Chinese economy is not all bad news

‘Two Sessions’ 2019 Through the Lenses of European Small Businesses

How the outcomes of this year’s Two Sessions could impact European small and medium-sized enterprises.

Belt & Road Initiative: Business Opportunities and Challenges for European SMEs

The size and scope of China’s Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) warrant European companies, including SMEs, giving it a close look. In fact, according to the European Chamber’s Business Confidence Survey 2018, businesses are doing just that: more than half of respondents saw opportunities in…