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China’s Draft Foreign Investment Law

Foundation for Further Improvement of the Foreign Business Landscape?

The Audacity to Change

  The European Business in China Position Paper 2015/2016 is launched

Towards the rule of law: development of PRC FDI legislation

Since the foundation of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) in 1949, China has been through two ‘thirty-year periods’.

Journey from the West: personal insights on China’s remarkable journey

Originally trained as a barrister, Jeanne-Marie Gescher first came to China in 1987 to teach at Peking University (Beida).

The times they are a-changin’

How changes to China’s legal system have affected FDI

Under the microscope: Scrutinising the language of the 4th Plenum Decision

The Fourth Plenum Decision (Decision) was positively received by many domestic and foreign media, analysts and commentators.

Compliance and ‘rule by law’ in China

There seems to be a broad consensus, even within the Chinese media, that China has not yet fully implemented ‘rule of law’.

The Great Wall and Chinese Reforms

By examining the quality of a country’s institutions relative to its gross domestic product per capita, a clear pattern emerges.

Rule of law

The European Chamber and our members take ‘rule of law’ to be a fundamental requirement for a functioning market economy and a prerequisite for sustainable economic growth. Ever since it was introduced as an option in the European Chamber’s annual Business Confidence Survey, improved rule…