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The Fight Against Microplastics In Cosmetics

Industry leaders create environmentally friendly alternatives

Winners of CSR awards
fashion show

Forever Fashion

An interview on sustainable fashion with international luxury group Kering

Business as a Force for Good

 The European Chamber Presents Its 5th Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)  Awards

Health and Wellness in China

Healthy China 2030 and its effect on the future of healthcare development in China

How B2C Companies Can Win

Navigating the increasingly competitive Chinese automotive aftermarket

A chemical solution

How the chemical industry can play a sustainable role in China’s economy

A clean sheet: environmental sustainability in the paper manufacturing industry

There is increasing pressure on China’s manufacturing industry to make concerted efforts to minimise their impact on the environment.

Water wise

EU-China collaboration for delivering better urban water infrastructure in China through integrated eco low carbon urban planning.

More for less: investing in innovation for China’s sustainable growth

In the wake of the global economic crisis, dwindling natural resources and ever-increasing needs of a growing population we face a stark question