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In for the Long Haul

Developing a Sustainable Operating Environment for Airlines in China

Navigating in the Dark

European Business in China Business Confidence Survey 2020

The Difference One-fifth Makes

Starting in 2013, Chinese companies were encouraged, some may even say pushed, by the government to go abroad and expand their footprint into other markets. This ‘go out’ campaign expressed itself in a variety of different ways. Headlines in the EU, and eventually back in…

Shifting Focus

Government affairs in China now means risk management as well as market access

Seeing Mixed Results

The European Business in China Business Confidence Survey 2018

Made in China 2025

Modernisation with Chinese Characteristics

Opportunities and Access in Green Tech

Advice for European SMEs in China’s energy, water and environment tech sectors

Digital Dos and Don’ts: China’s e-commerce market restrictions for foreign SMEs

 While China’s e-commerce market presents a huge opportunity for foreign-invested enterprises (FIEs), there are a number of often complex restrictions that FIEs should be aware of.

Opportunities and Challenges for EU SMEs

The Chinese market has seen many changes in 2016, opening up new opportunities for European small businesses while demanding even more advanced local knowledge and experience.