European Chamber Lobby Report – August 2013

A round up of lobbying actions undertaken by the European Chamber during the month of August.

Meeting with Vehicle Emission Control Centre (VECC), MEP

Meeting with Vehicle Emission Control Centre (VECC), MEPOn 5th August, the Chambers’ Auto Components Working Group met with no fewer than three Ministerial Departments — the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Transport.

While meeting with the Ministry of Environmental Protection’s Vehicle Emission Control Centre (VECC) the Chamber introduced the Position Paper 2013-2014 and outlined the Auto Component Working Group members’ main concerns.

The VECC responded by expressing the importance of European technology in helping solve the pollution problem in China. Both parties concluded by agreeing to continue the dialogue on these important matters.

Meeting with Department of Foreign Investment, MOFCOM

Whilst meeting with The Ministry of Commerce’s Department of Foreign Investment, the Chamber discussed the Chinese Government’s ‘Go West’ plan, which encourages foreign capital enterprises to develop business in central and western China. In the current Chinese market there are a greater percentage of domestic sole proprietorship enterprises than foreign joint-venture enterprises.

The meeting concluded with both parties agreeing that it would benefit the European auto components industry if clearer directions were issued by the Chinese Government and dialogue between industry and the government was deepened.

Meeting with Department of Road Transport, MOT

Meeting with Department of Road Transport, MOTAt the Auto Components Working Group’s final meeting with the Ministry of Transport’s (MOT) Department of Road Transport topics included issues surrounding vehicle safety and the market access threshold for European auto component manufacturers. The Position Paper 2013-2014 was also introduced.

Mr Yu, Director, Division of Vehicles, introduced the main responsibilities of the MOT, including implementation of specific directives. Other topics included fuel firing rate and the MOT’s key cooperation with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Public Security.

The Ministry of Transport welcomed this working-level dialogue and called for further, more comprehensive cooperation with the Chamber.

Other lobbying activities:

On 13th August, representatives from the Chamber met with Mr Perez-Canado, Head of Trade, EU Delegation, to discuss the on-going VAT reform and Circular 37 that came into effect on 1st August. Members expressed concerns regarding the impact the Circular 37 will have on foreign logistics and shipping companies’ operating costs in China.

The Chamber’s Nanjing Chapter met with the Limburg Government Agency and Jiangsu Chamber of Commerce on 16th August. Nanjing’s general manager, Mirella Savegnago introduced the Chamber to the Chamber of Commerce in Jiangsu and the Limburg Government Agency, a project aimed at attracting Chinese investment in the Limburg Province of Belgium. Mr Li Bo, Director of Jiangsu Chamber of Commerce, introduced his organisation and expressed his hope for more cooperation with the European Chamber.

Initiated jointly by the Paediatric Nutrition Desk and the Agriculture, Food and Beverage, and Cosmetic Working Groups, the Chamber met with ASQIQ on 22rd August. Deputy Director General Lin shared his perspectives on the current issues of safety risk communications, and answered questions from Chamber members. Both parties agreed to keep regular communications in the future.