Attracting Top Talent

Recommendations from the European Chamber chapters

No business can thrive without a strong and reliable workforce. And while companies’ human resource departments can run themselves ragged chasing the kind of employees they need, if their location does not have affordable living environments or the kinds of facilities young families or international talent require, they will suffer from high staff turnover rates or be forced to relocate.

This is why all of the Chamber’s local position papers have included a section on improving the attraction of their region for top graduates and highly skilled professionals, as well as on simplifying recruitment procedures so that our members have the best chance of grabbing the talent that is available to them. For more details, scan the QR codes to download the individual position papers.

Southwest China Position Paper 2022/2023

South China Position Paper 2019/2020

Tianjin Position Paper 2023/2024

Shanghai Position Paper 2023/2024

Shenyang Position Paper 2017/2018

Nanjing Position Paper 2023/2024