It’s all about the people: professional services in China

Launched in Beijing over 22 years ago with a staff of just two, KPMG China now employ around 9,000 people.

A legal evolution

Following Deng Xiaoping’s reforms China became a land of opportunities for many foreigners wishing to establish businesses and challenge themselves in a new country.

Digital tourism

With China’s outbound tourism ready to shake global tourism trends, European nations need to reinvent strategies to reach out to young Chinese consumers

The ups and ups of marketing in China

China’s bewilderingly large and constantly evolving consumer market presents enormous challenges to European SMEs. Writing for the EU SME Centre, Bénédicte Franchel says that companies need to study the market closely and be willing to frequently adapt and update their marketing strategies if they are…

Protecting trade secrets: part 1

Nearly all businesses possess trade secrets, yet these forms of intellectual property are often undervalued and overlooked by their owners.

Are you being served?

China’s serviced office market is the largest in Asia, with a network of more than 150 quality serviced offices across 12 cities.

The Executive Interview: Jean-Marc Guyot, Chairman and CEO, GDF SUEZ China

Starting in Hong Kong and Macau, GDF SUEZ Group has been involved in environmental projects in China for more than 20 years. Jean-Marc Guyot has been in Beijing for just three months, but has been travelling regularly to China and conducting business in the Energy…

Haikou: An emerging industrial city

Haikou: An emerging industrial city Often referred to as the ‘coconut city’, Haikou is a prefecture-level city situated on the northern coast of Hainan

At your service

China’s service sector has been given increased importance since the launch of the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone (CSPFTZ) and its Negative List approach and the subsequent Third Plenum Decision last year. It is notable that the Negative List underwent a revision on 1st…

Developments in EU-China trade relations

Relations between the European Union and China have made significant advances in recent months.