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Vital Hubs along the Belt and Road

ASEAN and Singapore’s Role

Supply and Demand

Talking logistics along the Belt and Road with Maersk China Ltd

Building a Road Map

Proactively addressing compliance strategies for overseas investments

BRI: An Optimistic View from Harrogate, UK

From a European perspective the story of the BRI is a mixed bag of optimistic rhetoric and political suspicion. However, de­spite the sky-is-falling noises mainly from nationalistic European politicians, Chinese investment across Europe remains both sought-after and welcomed by business, according to Jon Geldart, Executive…

BRI: The Long and Winding Road

In his forward to this special issue of Eurobiz on the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), Mats Harborn, President of the European Chamber of Commerce in China, outlines the constructive role the Chamber has to play when it comes to improving BRI projects. Focusing on…

Paving the Way: loan use in BRI expansion

As President Xi Jinping’s signature foreign policy, the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) incorporates an ambitious array of projects with diverse political and financial risks.

State-led Development

Short-term Gains for Long-term Losses