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Beijing SME interview

Name: Russell Brown Position: Managing Partner Company: LehmanBrown International Accountants

Nanjing SME interview

                                            Name: Bernd Wagner

Shanghai SME interview

Name: Sebastian Wegener Position: Executive Director Operations Company: EunaCon HR Solutions and Services Location: Shanghai

Shengyang SME interview

Name: Kemal Yener Position: Head of Marketing Company: Star Mall Group Location: Shenyang

South China SME interview

Name: Frank J. Adick Position: Founder & Managing Director Company: Dew-Point International Ltd Location: Hong Kong and Shenzhen

Southwest China SME interview

Name: Arvid Egeland Position: Representative Company: SenseAir Chengdu Gas Sensors Co Ltd Location: Chengdu

Tianjin SME interview

Name: Gabriele Castaldi Position: Chairman Company: Globetech Location: Tianjin

Cleantech in China

IP Strategies for a Rapidly Expanding Market

China’s Green Building Sector

Although the concept of ‘green building’ has been in Europe for more than two decades, it only landed in China 10 years ago.

Protecting trade secrets: Part II

Nearly all businesses in all industries and sectors possess trade secrets. They are a valuable and highly useful form of intellectual property rights (IPR).