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Newborn and Reborn: The Benefits of Embracing Digital Globalisation

The process of digital globalisation is allowing enterprises to expand their reach beyond what they may have previously thought possible, in an efficient and cost effective way.

A case in point: real-life IPR infringement cases

While China’s IPR regime has improved over the years, counterfeiting and other IP infringements are still commonplace, making IP protection a priority when doing business in or with China.

SMEs in China: New Opportunities and Old Challenges

The European Chamber has long advocated for the interests of European SMEs in China. In the EU they are important sources of employment – over the past five years, SMEs have created around 85 per cent of new jobs and provided two-thirds of total private…

Strictly by the book

Preparing a practical employee handbook in China

China Manufacturing 2025 and Internet Plus: what’s in it for FIEs?

To many, China Manufacturing 2025 (CM2025) appears to be an initiative purely for boosting domestic industrial capacity and creating national champions who can eventually dominate the global stage.

The winds of change

How the PRC Law on Overseas NGOs will impact foreign NGOs operating in China

Manufacturing an IP strategy

IPR Protection for the Mechanical Engineering Sector

Made in China 2025: what does it mean for EU SMEs?

In the second quarter of 2015, China’s State Council unveiled the country’s 10-year national plan, Made in China 2025.

China’s green energy market

Business opportunities for EU SMEs


While some IPR issues are common to all types of European companies doing business in China