Made in China 2025

Modernisation with Chinese Characteristics

New Developments in Innovation

 The Role Panjin Has Played in China’s Growth

New Payment Systems

The process of Chinese hospitals adopting a commercial mindset

Fintech in Europe

The traditional banking sector’s response to Chinese innovation

Inside the Two Sessions: How to Enact Financial Reform while Maintaining Stability

  Although financial risk management has become more of a priority issue for the Chinese Government, the ‘stability approach’ propounded during the recent Two Sessions clearly indicates that radical reforms in the near future are improbable. Benjamin Jacobs and Yvonne Yu, APCO Worldwide, explain more below.

Are the Global Markets Right to be Concerned about China?

China’s influence on the global business environment, economy and markets has been thrown into stark relief by events during the past two months.

The Great Wall and Chinese Reforms

By examining the quality of a country’s institutions relative to its gross domestic product per capita, a clear pattern emerges.