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Bulk Shopping

Challenges of volume-based procurement in the medical device industry



Advocacy successes of the European Chamber’s working groups



Advocacy successes of the European Chamber’s working groups – establishing the European Chamber Innovation Centre for medical devices

The ‘Two-invoice’ System for Medical Devices

Reforms do not always make things better

The New Wave of Healthcare Innovation

China is set to accelerate innovation in drugs and medical devices

A Healthy China Requires Healthy Market Access

In few other areas does China display a range of conditions as broad as those found in the field of healthcare. Urban areas of China are already suffering from medical problems that many developed countries face today, such as diabetes and high-rates of obesity. At…

A Case Study on IPR Protection in China

Protecting intellectual property in the medical devices industry in China

Made in China, for the world

Interview with Dr Pan Huaiyu, General Manager, Siemens Shenzhen Magnetic Resonance Ltd

A Healthy Challenge: Obstacles faced by manufacturing WFOEs in China’s medical devices industry

China presents a challenging environment for foreign manufacturing companies.

Regulating the market: medical device regulations in China

China’s fast-growing medical device market presents numerous opportunities for European companies.