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Can you keep a (trade) secret?

Trade secrets have become increasingly important for rights holders in China.

A legal perspective on foreign investment in China’s healthcare industry

While foreign investment in some sectors of China’s healthcare market has been recently liberalised others remain restricted, and risky.

A Slow Death? China’s Draft Foreign NGO Management Law

If promulgated in its current state, the second draft of the Foreign NGO Management Law, published on 5th May, 2015, could completely alter the way foreign NGOs operate in China.

Business in China, always an education

The past few months have been anxious times for European business in China. First, we saw with the promulgation of the National Security Law, and the releases of the Trial Measures for the National Security Review of Foreign Investments in China’s Pilot Free Trade Zones…

State of flux: 40 years of change to China’s legal landscape

A look at some of the key factors that have shaped Chinese law over the last 40 years.

A work in progress: four decades of IPR in China

                              In the following article experts from the China IPR SME Helpdesk plot the development of China’s treatment of intellectual property (IP) over the past four decades.

The times they are a-changin’

How changes to China’s legal system have affected FDI

Trapped behind the firewall

Foreign VPN services disrupted in China: a change in law or a change in enforcement?

Mind your business: Managing data privacy risks in the big data era

Access to personal information can present enormous opportunities in the big data era.