Lost in Translation

Culture clashes between global headquarters and China branches

Equality in the Workplace

Recent Trends in Chinese Law

Bankruptcy Proceedings

Obligations and responsibilities of senior staff

Succeeding as a Leader in China

During my 30 years of executive experience in China, I have witnessed many different leadership styles. One thing I have learned is that if executives want to succeed in China, they must learn to think differently and devote particular attention to their people. This demands…

Building International Mindedness

International mindness should still be an essential part of modern-day student’s education.

Sending Money Home

Profit Repatriation Strategies for China

Trade Barriers

The factors complicating business for foreign firms The World Bank released its annual Doing Business report in October, ranking economies worldwide on the ease of operating there. The top three were New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong. China jumped 15 places to No. 31, which…

The Coming Era

Europe’s Changing of the Guard and its Impact on EU-China Relations