The Burning Question

Will the cumulative wage withholding method decrease your disposable income?

Losing Your Thoughts

IPR Protection in China for the Creative Industries

Dispute Resolution Developments

Hong Kong-Mainland China interim relief arrangements boost cooperation

China’s looming Corporate Social Credit System

You’d be hard pressed to find a foreign businessperson in China who is totally unaware of the ongoing development of China’s Corporate Social Credit System (SCS).

Coping with Unprecedented Uncertainties

We’ve all heard that a butterfly flapping its wings in one part of the world can cause a tornado many miles away.

Reasons to be Cheerful

Why the slowdown in the Chinese economy is not all bad news

Shifting Focus

Government affairs in China now means risk management as well as market access

What Slowdown?

Despite all the doom and gloom about the future of China’s economy, most international firms involved in the market remain committed to their investment. Market experts from Fiducia Management Consultants explain why China’s allure isn’t disappearing, and go on to introduce the top digital ecommerce platforms…

When Slowdown Meets Tariffs

European companies in China are increasingly feeling the pinch of two converging forces: the Chinese economic slowdown and the US-China trade war.

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

Why ‘coopetition’ will be the new norms for MNCs operating in China