We Must Talk

Increasing China expertise in European headquarters to improve communication with Chinese subsidiaries

Coordinating National Regulations Globally

The path to a carbon-neutral chemical industry The need to transition to carbon neutrality is being increasingly accepted by all sectors of society, from the top down by governments and the bottom up by consumers. While the spotlight is often put on sectors like agriculture,…

Communicating with HQ: a six-step approach

Implications of China’s Personal Information Protection Law and Data Security Law for cross-border data transfers

The Fallout from COVID Travel Restrictions

Are China-based companies losing experienced staff, or does localising the workforce have its own benefits?

Face-to-Face is Essential

The impact of travel restrictions on regional headquarters

Corporate Social Responsibility and the path to carbon neutrality

On 2nd December 2021, the European Chamber hosted its 8th Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Awards and Forum in Nanjing. The event provided participants the opportunity to share viewpoints and case studies on the exercise of CSR.

The EU, the WTO and China

Intellectual property considerations and the path forward