The Difference One-fifth Makes

Starting in 2013, Chinese companies were encouraged, some may even say pushed, by the government to go abroad and expand their footprint into other markets. This ‘go out’ campaign expressed itself in a variety of different ways. Headlines in the EU, and eventually back in…

Building a Road Map

Proactively addressing compliance strategies for overseas investments

The Road Less Travelled

European Involvement in China’s Belt and Road Initiative

Workforce Mobilisation During Crises

A Practical Approach Driving Motivation, Accountability and Results

Stimulus Package

A guide to funding and public incentives available to SMEs in China

Flattery Comes Cheap

How to Protect the Interior Design of Shops in China

Winners of CSR awards

Employees need rules, not regulations

How to transform standards and norms requirements into precise tasks

Official Witnesses

How to hire a notary public at a trade fair

Future of Work

Insights from the recruitment industry coalface