Belt & Road Initiative: Business Opportunities and Challenges for European SMEs

The size and scope of China’s Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) warrant European companies, including SMEs, giving it a close look. In fact, according to the European Chamber’s Business Confidence Survey 2018, businesses are doing just that: more than half of respondents saw opportunities in…

BRI: An Optimistic View from Harrogate, UK

From a European perspective the story of the BRI is a mixed bag of optimistic rhetoric and political suspicion. However, de­spite the sky-is-falling noises mainly from nationalistic European politicians, Chinese investment across Europe remains both sought-after and welcomed by business, according to Jon Geldart, Executive…

Elevating your China Story to Global Audiences in Times of Uncertainty

Being involved in the Chinese market remains a key priority in these multinational corporations (MNCs) strategic plans. However, many fail to adequately communicate their China activities and success stories. This represents a wasted opportunity for MNCs, who sometimes feel they need to wait for a…

Future-proofing your China strategy and business operations

China has entered an extremely disruptive phase of its development for all businesses—foreign and domestic. The trade war between the US and China may be the current focus, but its domestic plays, such as the ‘Made in China 2025’ policy and the Cybersecurity Law in…

How China Is Transforming Shared Mobility

China is powering ahead of other countries in developing a sustainable shared mobility market. Jean-François Salzmann, Managing Partner of Mazars in China looks at how the market is already showing signs of maturity in comparison to the rest of the world and what the automotive…

Clearing Up Accounting Complications

Explaining developments in China’s accounting standards

Turning Over a New Tax System

  A small businesses’ guide to VAT in China

A Change of Scenery

Is employee relocation a solution?