New Regulations to Protect Pharmaceutical Patents and Foster Innovation

Coordinating National Regulations Globally

The path to a carbon-neutral chemical industry The need to transition to carbon neutrality is being increasingly accepted by all sectors of society, from the top down by governments and the bottom up by consumers. While the spotlight is often put on sectors like agriculture,…

The Fallout from COVID Travel Restrictions

Are China-based companies losing experienced staff, or does localising the workforce have its own benefits?

Face-to-Face is Essential

The impact of travel restrictions on regional headquarters

The EU, the WTO and China

Intellectual property considerations and the path forward

All Eyes on ESG

Why businesses in China need to prepare for changes in regulation, buyer behaviour and the digital landscape

Hand in Glove

How the private sector can use common prosperity to advance sustainability

Implementation Issues

Intellectual property protection in China in the past 20 years

Standards of Living

How standardisation improves our quality of living

China in the World Trade Organization: 20 years on

Interview with Adam Dunnett, secretary general, European Union Chamber of Commerce in China[1]