The Belt & Road Initiative: Scope of Projects and Financing Issues

Getting a handle on the Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) has proven to be challenging: there is no official definition of the geographical scope, no clear development plan or budget, no clear rule for projects to be included and no single branch of the Chinese…

Book Review: China’s Asian Dream—Empire Building Along the New Silk Road

Reviewing Tom Miller’s book China’s Asian Dream: Empire Building along the New Silk Road, Kevin O’Donnell tells us that Westerners may be forgiven for having only a vague idea of the resource wealth and geopolitical significance of countries in Central Asia. But the Chinese are…

A Sound Plan

Marketing high-end audio in the Middle Kingdom

A New Step in Innovation

Filling the gaps in an ever-changing labour market

New Developments in Innovation

 The Role Panjin Has Played in China’s Growth

Making the Bay Great Again

China’s Greater Bay Area and what it means for European businesses